The Third Sin

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The Third Sin
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Author: Relcy
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 3
Language: English
Year started: 2021


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The Age of the Gods represents an era of progress and development among the civilized races. Empires and kingdoms skirmish amongst each other, wrapped in layers of politics and intrigue. The beasts of the world hunt and feast, and the artisans erect all manner of statues and compose prose and poem of their heroes and leaders. The spirits sing their eternal hymn and the dwarves hammer and drink the days away. All manners of races flourish in these halcyon times.
Amon Falwyn is the eldest of a long line of those who have watched over the Grove. As his eighteenth summer approaches, the family duty now falls to him. Yet, there are those who would threaten this era of peace. They, who stalk the underworld, have waited and prepared. Their plans, cunning as they are sinister, begin to come to fruition - and Amon may have to make a choice he can never take back.

Sooo. This is my first time writing an actual story, so please try to bear with me as I get my footing. If you think the story is cool or interesting, please don't hesitate to comment or follow! Any kind of support is wholly appreciated, and will keep me (and you) invested in seeing this through!


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