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Author: WolfFoxGod
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 11
Language: English
Year started: 2021


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Rohan belonged to the INCOCF or the International Coalition Opposing Climate Failure. The INCOCF's goal was to stop the climate from getting any worse, and if possible, making it better. It gathered the best scientists around the world, the best engineers, and the most high-tech equipment for the sake of saving Earth and humanity as we know it. Nothing was out of bounds in this coalition. They studied anything and everything, all for the sake of stopping climate change.
But Rohan wasn't any ordinary scientist. He was the lead scientist of the INCOCF, and he studied all sciences. Biology, chemistry, physics, nothing escaped his grasp. He learned everything he could, sometimes even dabbling in political sciences and other such things. As a result, he held the most influence in the world and was the most well-known man of his time.
Unfortunately, however, Rohan's and the INCOCF's efforts were in vain. As the last humans alive, Rohan and his team realized everything was over. But salvation came to them in the form of a blue screen, declaring that they have reached the extinction threshold and are now joining the multi-verse.
Was this blue box saving them or guiding them to an even worse fate?
Either way, it was time for humanity to be introduced to the multiverse. And along with it, science.


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