The Vengeful God

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The Vengeful God
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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2021


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He lived in many different nations, along with many different names; Larry, Alan, Lane.
But his original is and always was Thorni, and his homeland was and always will be Finland.
All his life he never knew what peace meant, following the old beliefs that peace is just a lie, an extended post-war ceasefire to prepare for the beginning of a new and worse conflict.
This line of thinking was only strengthened when his homeland was invaded and stolen, his house taken, his family divided and the love of his life lost.
After so much pain and suffering he made a promise, he would not rest until the nation and ideology that divided and threatened his homeland is destroyed.
This took him to every corner of Europe, from Finland to Vietnam, to three different armies and changing identities all the time.
The only thing that remained in him was his fervor in combat, something he would carry on the day of his decreed death.
But he had not died.
In his disappearance something happened to him, now he was in a world that he didn’t recognize.
Where is he? What happened?


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