The Swarm

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Author: AaronStorm
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 26
Language: English
Year started: 2021


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 24298
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Anthony had been looking forward to playing the hottest new virtual reality game. When he put the VR helmet on he was met with a prompt asking him if he wanted to take a test to become a swarm knight. Thinking that this was one of the classes in the game he accepted.
Instead of finding himself in the game, Anthony found that he was transported to a different planet. A planet where he would learn the greater truth of the universe. Everything was based on magic in the universe. Except that magic was based on nanorobots, called the swarm, that had been created through highly advanced technology. Genetics determined the access level and the amount of control that someone could wield over the swarm, and therefore their status in this society.
Long ago Earth had been cutoff from the swarm. Now that it had been rediscovered, Earth would be reintegrated into the swarm. Unfortunately when that happened all the current technology on Earth would fail and be replaced with the ability to use magic. In effect, it would be the system apocalypse.
As someone able to control the swarm, Anthony found himself in the unique position to influence how Earth was reintegrated into the swarm. Perhaps he could change things enough to save most of the people on Earth. But first he would have to learn how to control the swarm and become one of the leaders in the society he found himself in.
Warning: If this fiction was a movie I'd rate it somewhere between PG-13 and R for occasional scenes of violence, gore, and nudity.


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