Wrong Side of The Severance

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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2021


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In the waning times of a costly war that spanned several firmaments, one world that was supposed to be cherished by the gods was cast to the wayside, and from everyone’s minds. This world - Berodyl - had flourished under the tender love of the gods for untold millennia… but no longer.
Berodyl stood ready to aid the gods in their strife, but when the time came, the armies of this world never heard the call. They never even saw the battlefield.
No. Instead, they found that, once the war had begun, the hierophants no longer heard the whispers of their sacred deities whom they had served so faithfully; only silence now filled the halls of their temples.
Some even came from beyond Berodyl’s firmament to take to the sides of those who would fight for the gods. Alas, they soon found themselves stranded in a land abandoned— now, too, abandoned themselves.
Now there is but one question weighing down on everyone: can a world such as this, a world once loved now alone, survive with nought but its own?
For an outlander such as Livia, the question seems nearly impossible to answer.


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