Moving to the Sixties: to live a good life Shèn Jiān Jù (甚艰巨)

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Moving to the Sixties: to live a good life Shèn Jiān Jù (甚艰巨)
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Author: AniaGreek
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 44
Language: English
Year started: 2021


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Shèn Jiān Jù loved her life.
Perhaps it wasn't the best life, as she never married nor had any children.
But it was her life, and she was satisfied with it.
Then one morning, she was rudely awakened by a system that invaded her life. The system informed her that she only had two days left to live, after which she would be transmigrated into a novel to inhabit the body of a newly-deceased short-lived character.
Of course, she had doubts, but the system immediately vanquished Shèn Jiān Jù's doubt and proved the truth of its words.
With 48 hours to prepare before transmigrating to an era of scarcity, poverty, and hardship, come along with Shèn Jiān Jù as she makes preparations and bids farewell to her loved ones before moving to the sixties to start a new life.
After her arrival, she changes her fate and the fate of her family. She pulls her family out of abject poverty and slowly brings prosperity and good fortune to her new family in her quirky style.-----------------------------------------------Hello. I am a rookie. I have a slight case of dyslexia, and this is my first time writing. (Yes, this is my work. I did not steal or 'borrow' it from elsewhere).
There will be plotholes and continuous editing. I must also make it known that English is not my first language. Therefore, there will be misspellings, grammatical errors, etc.
Beware that I work full time and am writing this story part-time. Therefore, the updates will be sporadic and erratic. If that is not your cup of tea, then don't read this story. For those that do step into my parlor, welcome, and thanks for showing interest.



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