『Vampirification』〔BloodCore Evolution〕

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『Vampirification』〔BloodCore Evolution〕
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Author: DefileAbyss
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 2
Language: English
Year started: 2021


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 24147
Rank by popularity: 24234
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The majestic tale of a human who became a vampire.

Cain found himself reincarnated in a family of Vampires. In this world of monsters, he felt like a bug. Sense of unbelonging engulfed him. However, it all changed when he awakened one of the most potent 'Core' within the Bloodborne family. Due to the 'Core', he gained power, respect and fame.
But often, prosperity reveals the true nature of a man. And Cain was a scum at his core. On Earth, he was born in an affluent family. He would flaunt his wealth in high school and bully others to feel superior. The more he lived, the more supercilious he got until he died at the age of 30 and reincarnated here.
However, everything comes at a price. The price of his flaws and sins came in the form of a 200-year solitude. Cain got captured and chained down inside a cell. For 200 years, they tortured him and extracted his blood. Those years he deeply contemplated and realized the worthlessness of his life. Thus, awakening the true nature of his Bloodcore and returned to his adolescent vampire years.
Once again, he shall walk a path, not as a petty human. But as a larva seeking to become a true Majestic Vampire.

And I shall strive towards becoming a great author and giving birth to some glorious fantasies. So, rate and comment on the novel to help and support me on my quest. I shall always welcome any form of criticism and pieces of advice.


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