The Last Journey

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The Last Journey
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Author: B.Wenduo
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 21
Language: English
Year started: 2021


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 24142
Rank by popularity: 27215
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Crafting 101: The Legendary Path of the Crafter.
Ever wondered how to make a living? How to pull something mundane around and shift it to something greater? To prove everyone that everything is a resource waiting to be mined?
Well, look no further!
For all you'd need to do is turn the pages and wonder how rocks can be meat! How grass can be legendary swords! And the heart of the book, how to skin living potatoes! Because really, you'd be wondering how.
That was what three coppers of Nudius' labor amounted to. A well-spent storybook. Something far more unbelievable than what had occurred to her.
All she knew is that she had died. And it took but a simple fire for Nudius' life to start anew. But she didn't wonder and question deeply of it. Because really, what else could be explained from magic except it being magic? People here get to die more than her, that's a fact, nailing that her situation is hardly considered mystical. So now that she knew it is magic, she would put all her attention to better what had been her life before. And even if she knew how she came to be was slightly different than the norms, that'd be all but knowledge for a shrug. Another magic.
So for now, she reads. And the worth of good old copper, she must have.
Hello there! This is my third attempt to write a story with the former two shelved for now. Since I suck.
So forgive me for my phrasings, conversations, and the likes. It's bland, to be honest.
Like water.
No, more likely—pie. But hey, it's edible. And with a good amount of spicing and re-heating later on, who'd say no to a pizza?
So do help with the criticisms. Appreciate them. Hope you enjoy!

Story blurb+: This is slow burn, quite slice of life story about a girl learning magic. All the while as she fatten herself up. So yeah, progression fantasy. And of course! There's something more. But read on ahead, please.
Disclaimer: The cover isn't made by me. Just layered it with a text. I got it from a free website, if I correctly recall. I'll see to it.


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