The Hallowed War

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The Hallowed War
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Status: Ongoing
Releases: 193
Language: English
Year started: 2021


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 24119
Rank by popularity: 10088
Release frequency: None in past 60 days
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X-Com meets Final Fantasy VII meets Left 4 Dead

Rumors of disappearances and brutal murders menace the people of Dios, a massive island city constructed using advanced post-Break technology. Witnesses in the slums of Rocham have reported sightings of multi-limbed monsters prowling the city at night. Dios PD can offer only vague reassurances.
Cloud Nine Engineering has evacuated and quarantined a large portion of Rocham, and the quarantine zone expands every day. Soldiers drive the poor from their homes. Witnesses report unmarked black quadcopters flying over the city at night, and sightings of armored soldiers with glowing eyes.
And for one starving street kid, a simple burglary attempt will turn into a fight for his life...

Release Schedule:
5 chapters a week (M-F)
Average Chapter Length:
~2 to 2.5k

Additional Content Warnings:
Blasphemy, underage drinking, non-ironic use of anime tropes, petty theft, destruction of city property, unsafe use of a ventilation shaft, non-recreational drug use, inappropriate ogling of a superior officer, teenagers tasked with military engagements, breaking and entering, dead or absent parents, ludicrously overpowered weaponry, mixed gender military squads, hormones, inappropriate restroom behavior, overuse of melee weapons in combat simply because they are cool, high kicks, unauthorized discharge of portable tank weaponry, unauthorized discharge of weapons-grade sarcasm, expedited training, human mutations that are neither scientifically nor fictionally plausible, one flagrantly disrespectful nut shot, use of non-regulation hair dye, fraternization, references to tabletop RPGs, cannibalism, train rides, poor sportsmanship, battery (physical), batteries (electrical), dismemberment, incorrect attribution of a doctoral degree, vandalism, multiple dress code violations, unauthorized decapitation, authorized decapitation, oversized storm drains, attempted vivisection in a non-medical setting, arson, unwarranted cremation, violence involving a police animal, brooding, and unresolved sexual tension.


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