The Father of the Munde

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Author: Alestrenia
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 4
Language: English
Year started: 2021


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For as long as Eirathem could remember, he had wanted to save the dragons. Eirathem lived in a world known as Middengard. It was a world of magic and wonder, but also of great evil. Eirathem was of the race of Myende, those that could use wands and staffs to perform magic.
When Eirathem had been but two turns old, his father had attempted to kill him. However, his magic had entombed him in the earth, and he had escaped. Eirathem remembered little of this, aside from his mother’s screams. Otherwise, his first vivid memory had been of his dragon.
He had been told that she had come to him when he had been living in the southern part of the continent of Annea, in a place called Denu’n Rhaciu, the Valley of Snakes. However, he remembered nothing before living in Puethion’n, The Land of the Sands to the south.
Everyone told Eirathem he was too young to save the dragons, but Eirathem at the grand age of thirteen years old, knew they were wrong.
Therefore he came up with a grand idea. Puethion’n was ruled by Wicahndon'n, a stern woman. She was served by a people known as the Munde. The Munde were the only race upon Middengard without the gift of magic. In Puethion’n, as in many other places, they served as slaves. However the Munde in Puethion'n had many freedoms. Eirathem had played amongst them as a younger child and he knew his way well around the kitchens.
So when a Munde woman had her back turned, Eirathem dosed the day's food with a plant that was odorless and tasteless, but caused any who ate it to fall asleep.
And when everyone in the palace but him was asleep, he ran to his dragon and told her of his grand plan, and she agreed.
Eirathem was going to free the dragons.



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