Vengeance of Carinae

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Vengeance of Carinae
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Author: Deflagration
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 40
Language: English
Year started: 2018


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 2379
Rank by popularity: 14909
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When Ronja Larsen. Marine, Fighter Pilot and all around badass finds herself stuck on an alien world It's going to take more than a little luck to survive. Armed only with a flight suit, some wreckage and her wits she's left bewildered and angry in a foreign world in an alien biome with little to no hope of getting home. Will she be able to escape to take her vengeance? There's nothing to stop her. Well, nothing except a dangerous untamed world and a few thousand light years distance. But what's that to a marine?
Hey potential readers!
I hope you join me on an adventure in my writing and literary pursuits. This book will hopefully be an interesting read with extreme details on bizarre facts that I find interesting. I will throw in useless knowledge and scientific concepts and facts. Have you ever wondered why glass is transparent? Well i'm sure to throw it in somewhere so I hope you find my story interesting. - Deflagration
P.S If you ever find scientific innaccuracies please PM me. I truly want to know. Other mistakes I'm happy to respond to in comments.

A Note on tags:
Profanity: Not excessive but where i find appropriate.
Gore: Well that depends how well i do my job doesnt it. If i can get a vivid picture in my mind that has the potential to be gory then my writing may be to an acceptable quality.


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