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Nexus Divers
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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2021


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Sammy was an aspiring gymnast until an accident left her paralyzed and bedridden. Now it is up to her and an ancient artifact calling itself Nexus to save the world. Animals are mutating into monsters and it will only keep getting worse until the human race is no more. Can Sammy help save the world?
This starts out pretty much modern day though no dates are mentioned. It will avoid politics and current events outside of framing or generic plot moving. The world starts out pretty much now but is going to go downhill over time. While not intended to be grim-dark this will be an apocalypse so the world will suffer as a whole.
I am aiming for a slow burn progression type story so don't expect the world to end tomorrow in this one. Then again this is all new to me so not sure how well I can pace it.
This is my first go at writing. I am using litrpg and dungeon core type mechanics as a framework but it won't lean on them too hard or be stat heavy. it will be more of a guideline to move things along and provide a sort of logic to it all.
The first chapter took way more work than I thought it would so no idea what kind of schedule I can keep. I am ultimately aiming for 3-5 a week though. Any suggestions, critiques, etc are welcome as I know little about writing and nothing about publishing online.
Also posting this to Scribble Hub.



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