the small wonders of big changes

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Author: dralance
Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2021


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Congratulations for picking the best place to spend your career. The Saia Prime Federation is the only choice for the understanding and exploration of known worlds and there populations. You have all sorts of things to do in space, especially at the academy. Well the academy for space cadets, if you can afford to apply.Things like training in the flight sims or training in the urban combat sims. You could even train in the practice arenas for the light, medium and heavy mech units. But those that wanted the hardest thing to do on the S.P.F. Sol Flare would take up the mantel of B.T. Riders. Bio-mechanical Tactical Riders, or Rider, are the S.P.F.’s answer to a long waiting question with exploration as well as defense of the home planet of Saia Prime. They came in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Ranging from scout class to heavy arms. Scout class Riders were just as the name implies, very lightly armed for long distance reconnaissance as well as used for those short or long distance quote unquote infiltration missions. Maybe even for one or two black book missions. The next few types of B.T.R’s were used but never extensively researched enough to merit entry into an archive. Mind you that does not mean that they are not out in the universe. The heavy arms on the other hand was covered extensively. A single H.A.B.T.R. could take on half a planet. If said planet had the means to exit atmosphere and try to take on a H.A.B.T.R. the rider could swat most of the defenses out of the air. Considering the fact that the Saia federation mainly made the heavy arms in mass after branching out into there system and reforming every other planet that they could get to. It gave the H.A.B.T.R. a reputation of being a planet killer. Mothers told children to beware the shadow blacking out the sun. It was here to reshape the world.So not really a lot of things to do on the starship unless you liked global take over and mass murder. At least that was how Joanna saw it. Why take over a world that had nice people to talk to and maybe could help further the ideals and help shape the ways of life as well as the universe. “One time I would like a long mission that did not include mulching planets to base elements.” Joanna Werner said to herself. Joanna, Joe to those few friends of hers, was one of the lifetime pilots of a H.A.B.T.R. Her career consisting of eight planets visited, four having to be rebuilt due to “unexpected issues.” Two planets coming up barren. While the last two surrendered under a non-aggression treaty.


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