Help, I Might Have Pretended Too Much

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Help, I Might Have Pretended Too Much
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Author: IFeel2Lazy
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 4
Language: English
Year started: 2021


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 24068
Rank by popularity: 30112
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A senior otaku Ye Chen was reborn into a world much like modern Earth. Except unbeknownst to common folk, there were supernatural people hidden deep in society. Attracted by all the cultivation fantasy novels he read back on Earth, he started pretending to be a fallen sword immortal to satisfy his childhood delusions with the aid of his system. Eventually, his pretenses started getting out of hand...

Mei Chen was Ye Chen's older sister. She found her younger brother was not exactly "normal" as she grew up. She was ashamed to have a brother with 8th grade syndrome but she still treated him as a brother nonetheless. Although as time went on, she still got tired of her brother's constant yapping. He would say: "There are three billion gods in the sky and they must lower their eyebrows when they see me" while standing on a midgit sized rock with his hands behind him or whatnot. Did he really think there were superhumans in this world? However as she gradually discovered the hidden part of society, she would would come to doubt the falseness of her brother's delusions. Maybe...perhaps just maybe...she had a fallen immortal as a brother?
(Sorry for the title page. I was only true to my name. xD)


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