Mordheim: Servants of The Damned

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Mordheim: Servants of The Damned
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Author: Jobogriff
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 5
Language: English
Year started: 2021


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“The Great Library,” Stated the stranger with a pause. “You know of it?”“Of course I do. In the Merchant’s Quarter?”“Yes, in the Merchant’s Quarter. I have gathered that there is an… artefact of importance within its walls.” Slowly, the figure produced a rusted key from the furls of his robes and held it in a black-gloved hand. “This opens the door to its chambers. It is the grimoire of Gunnar von Krugenheim, and I believe that it would serve better in the world than locked away in a dusty room.”

Behind the cursed walls of Mordheim, warbands and gangs of all stripes are embattled in constant wars for resources and power. The cursed city attracts throngs in the thousands, searching for treasures, artefacts, power, and sometimes all three. The Cult of the Hidden Brethren is no exception, and when an opportunity to extend their reach is discovered, the cultists are eager to take the opportunity. However, not all is set in stone, and soon the cultists discover that the lure of power alone may not be enough to give them the drive required to see their quest done...

Mordheim: Servants of the Damned is a fanfiction set in the world of Warhammer Fantasy, which is not owned by me but by the company Games Workshop. I of course, lay claim to nothing in this story but the characters I have created, and the core events of the story itself. This is my first true foray into fantasy writing, let alone Warhammer Fantasy, therefore any feedback is welcome. (It should be noted as well, the cover art is merely an artwork I found online and is not mine, therefore I do not lay claim to that either.)


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