I Am Tomura Shigaraki?

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I Am Tomura Shigaraki?
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Author: ILoveChaos
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 7
Language: English
Year started: 2021


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 23999
Rank by popularity: 3035
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A Professional Assassin that enjoyed anime in his meantime got betrayed by his organisation.
As a professional assassin his insticts had already warned him of the danger in the mission, prepared for every possibility he could he was successfully able to escape the betrayal. Killing them one by one for revenge, he finally died but also exploded all the explosives he had stuffed inside him and took the leader along him to hell.

When he woke up he found out he was in the body of Shigaraki Tomura, The Villain of My Hero Academia!

The idea just came to my mind and I couldn't stop myself from trying to write this.

Not Really written anything in english besides giving answers in the english exam (My 3rd language). So i guess it would be atleast readable a bit, just point out any mistakes you find through the paragraph comment option and ill fix it up in a jiffy.

So as a newbie author the story might seem like shit and all but i wanna try anyway, Not gonna write romance or harem( I might try
I cant even write a story properly how am i supposed to mangage these bruh.

Im writing the fic with the help of information from Wikipedia of my hero academia and whatever shit i remember from all the mha fanfictions i read.

So...... Don't get your hopes up okay?

(If the cover is yours the do tell ill change it)

I don't anything from My Hero Academia besides my OC's

(This Is an AU MHA so there might be few little details changed here and there from the original anime)


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