They called me FIVE

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They called me FIVE
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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2021


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My name? Lance AugustusAge? 15Nickname? Five.Why they call me that? Because the mark tells us so._"Don't be stupid, steer out of trouble, and whatever happens, stay alive." I really don't know why Dad always repeat those words to me everyday. I take heed of his words. Play by his rules, never dared to go against him except if it's extremely necessary.He's all that I need to get by. Our life was ordinary. Everything was perfectly fine, perfectly normal, just an everyday routine we get used to live. But then these guys came... And they start making a mess out of my life. They said I have powers. - Who believed that crap?They said I have extraordinary abilities. - Cool! I want to be Superman.They said I was chosen. - Who? The god of newbie bullies?The mark of five imprinted deep into my skin proves that I am one of the TWELVE. - You guys sure it's not a tattoo? I firmly believe it's a tattoo.I never believe them. I drove them out. I did not listen. I wish I did. Maybe they could have helped my Dad. Maybe they could have save him when "they" attacked. I know nothing. Because of my stubbornness I lost everything. So now I'm all alone. But she stretched her hand to me. She gave me hope. She invited me to come. And I did.So our search began. For the remaining TEN.


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