The First Primordial

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The First Primordial
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Author: MrCasual525
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 19
Language: English
Year started: 2021


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God's create worlds but we can't expect them to do all the work.
Deep in the depths of the Demon world, against the endless tide of monsters and darkness, begins the story that will span lifetimes. Commonly known as the "Nobody" or Arthur, this is the birth and progression of the first Demon in a harsh landscape defending against hellish creatures, humans, elves and even whole organisations while also mastering the arts of Magic and figuring out a purpose.
From the Demon world to the Mortal world to even beyond you will meet tremendous landscapes and incredible magics, as Arthur finds a personality, meaning and a world to call their own while reaching heights unimaginable.
Was life an accident with nothing to live for, or will saving the world become an accidental main goal?

PS- There is no release schedule at this time and is my first go at writing, there will not be a schedule while I get used to writing and the story but it will be released at a later date.
Artwork is not mine, feel free to check out the true artist: ArtStation - MTG - passage, Darek Zabrocki


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