World of Ruin

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Status: Ongoing
Releases: 3
Language: English
Year started: 2021


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The creation of full immersion virtual reality has changed the way many go about their daily lives. For some it's a better way to work. They can meet with customers and coworkers without ever having to leave the comfort of their own homes. For others it’s a brand new way to explore fantastic worlds and create epic stories in ways that only existed in their imaginations before.

For Mya Bishop, it’s an escape. An escape from the uncertainties of the real world. An escape from the memories there. With the release of World of Ruin, a game said to be the closest thing to real life since the invention of full immersion, Mya is excited for the first time in a long time. She is excited to explore the rich world; excited to experience the culture and solve the great mysteries of the world of Enao.

For Katie Flynn, virtual reality is how she makes a living. She live streams her journeys into the virtual worlds. The invention of full immersion allowed her to take her career to another level; her viewers see what she sees, feel what she feels and her skyrocket in fame was not something she ever expected. World of Ruin and all the hype around it, is exciting Katie. She’s always had a soft spot for RPG style games and this one, even with all the mysteries around its release, is shaping up to be something revolutionary.

There are other things at play behind the scenes. Things that not even the game developers know. Things that are going to be affecting both women sooner than either of them expect.


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