Rise of the Green

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Rise of the Green
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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2021


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With the age of disbelief coming to a close, people shoved to the side and rejected from mainstream sociality came together to form an organisation. If they worked together, they would protect their way of life, which conflicts with the country's technological mindset.
In Favinonia, a place of learning and advancement. Where the world’s new technologies are created and studied. University Engineers reworking various new designs of past do-dads and gismos to serve the need of the populous. In a world still filled with magic, the Favinonian people have turned away from magic to embrace this new reasoning.
Deprived of faith, the populous was yes advance but lacked humanity and needed to move onto the next step, losing emotion and losing touch with the higher realm. These cause some to fall for other means, pursuing that need to fill with devil and demon cults.
In the chaos and ignorance came a community of healers with ancient knowledge before the Massacre of Magic. These few will eventually found the church of the Trinity whose three aspects of Green, life and death with healing and agriculture, Orange, retribution and protection with the flame of passion and Blue, knowledge and law with the clarity of the mind.



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