Outer Demons

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Outer Demons
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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2018


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English is not my first language, and I am a horrible writer, so bear with me. This story is mostly for fun, and I will hopefully use it as a reference/template for a drawn novel one day. Not necessarily looking for critique, as said, this is just for fun, but it will be appreciated nonetheless!
In the story, we follow two demons who now live on earth, both being banished from Hella(Hell, by demon terms.)
Solymr is a working scholar and teacher, for the king and his children, one day crossing paths with another demon, Airon.Airon, missing an arm, covered in old scars and carrying a shady past, has to work for for one of the King's field marshals, Celeste, all while building a relationship with the only demon(Solymr) he has seen in ten years.The capital, Chavenfort, is in danger of being taken over by the tyrant Splatter Jackall, and Airon, Celeste and the army has to stop him. But how does a two-hand wielding warrior swing his sword with just one arm?Warning: some gore, some deaths, some homosexual encounters and chickens getting stolen by the world's worst rouge.


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