First Impressions (James Norrington) (Book 1) - A Pirates of the Caribbean Fanfiction

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First Impressions (James Norrington) (Book 1) - A Pirates of the Caribbean Fanfiction
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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2021


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Aeliana Lovelace's one and only wish is to be free. Yet after a deal between her mother and Cutler Beckett, she finds herself further away from her heart's desire and in the hands of the man she hates most.
Forced to leave her home to live in England, Aeliana is given no other choice but to submit to Beckett's wishes and conform to the ways of the British elite. A part of her, though, remains steadfast and determined to not allow him to change her completely. Armed with the knowledge of her past, she immerses herself in tales of pirates and legends of the sea and makes a friend named Elizabeth Swann. Together, they form an unbreakable bond that will forever entwine their destinies and shape the lives of everyone around them along with their own.
Their friendship will lead her to encounter a man named James Norrington who will permanently leave his mark on her. She will come to realize that sometimes there is more to someone than meets the eye, and there are people capable of changing your life in ways that you could never possibly imagine. And both will have to decide to work together if they wish to survive and protect those they hold dear. But will it be enough for either of them to see eye to eye?


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