Jale's Journey (Temp Name)

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Author: Zanny S
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 5
Language: English
Year started: 2021


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 23699
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Release frequency: 16 days
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Jal'Elrris Vadren, or Jale, is a respected commander from the military town of Bogsgste, born into a society that frowns upon "unconventional" love. The human/elf hybrid has worked hard to conceal his elf blood to build a successful human life. But, unknowingly sent the Divines into a fit of anger with his own mental pain. Cursing the land, these Divines sent a powerful drought and famine to the marsh to flush the pain out. All around the world the effects of the displeased spirits can be felt and many people blame the humans.
When a routine escort carrying an unstable warlock to the King throws Jale and his group into the arms of trolls, he must sacrifice himself to save his men. These trolls, however, have something else in mind for the hybrid. He must help undo the curse or face yet another war. The only thing stopping him is Darael, a criminal with a fate far worse than death, and Jale must be the one to watch him until delivery.
Can Jale grow to accept his truth? Or is he destined to conform to human society and suffer forever?
WIP everything is subject to change.
Also shared at 4thewords: https://4thewords.com/read-jales-journey-temp-name-1-by-zannys


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