Murim Mushin

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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2021


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Sorry guys but I couldn't help but want to write one Martial Art Novel after reading lots of Martial Art Korean mangas.
A Legend about Murim Mushin who dominated the world of Murim through his Strength and Power in the Era when Martial Artist dominated the world .
Craving his own path , colouring with bloods and decorating with bones and corpses , he built his own Empire of Death . He is ruler of his own and slave of his own .
"Once a man raise his fist on someone , either he dies or his enemies "
"Pain ? It only hurts me for a while while force me to shed tear once . But the same pain that hurt me once will grow me into a stronger person than before while the tear I shed will wipe my weakness and emotions off my heart , changing me into a grater man "
"Seeking the path of Right and Evil , I have become someone that can't stand on any of those side but only can be someone who can judge the world and punish them "
Genres : Alternative World , Martial Arts , Supernatural , Harem , Action , MC living more than 100 + years , Tragedy , Drama , War , Reincarnation


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