I'm not the Hero from another world

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Author: Glassgecko
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 7
Language: English
Year started: 2021


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Greetings, my name is ---. No that guy have died in our Earth already, right now I am going by the name Kain. Kain Lyner dan Faust, a name given by my adoptive parents. The Archduke of the grand Stratondaghl Empire, Georg Nier dan Faust. Obviously I'm not on earth anymore, unlike you damned shut-in neets, I was lucky enough to be 'killed unfortunately by mistake' by a higher being. Thus I was sent in another world and granted cheats of my own choosing. I was told that this world is named Invaz, named after it's administrator. Its about the same size as Neptune, four times bigger than Earth. Thankfully their civilization level, although resembling the middle ages, they have developed quite well thanks to my senpais from Earth who have been here before I was sent here. This world is so much fun you see, the various human kingdoms, the Elves and Beastkin, the Dwarves with their Gnoums, the Demonkin and the Dragians. And I've been told there's sea dwelling races too, tho I haven't seen them yet since I'm in the center of the Trivitas Continent. Well, there's much you'll know later on so I won't bother tiring myself out here. I got a school to run. See you around friend.


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