Knights quest

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Author: Majino
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 25
Language: English
Year started: 2021


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EN a being of pure immeasurable energy was tired of his lonely existence and decided to create multiple verses to fulfill his wanting of love.
Each verses grew more advance but never showed him love, so he created Nine Stars, Beings of light and gave them each two verses each to care for.
Each of the Nine created Five Moons, Beings of lesser light and sent them into the worlds to spread order and teach them of EN's love. As each verse grew so did the moons and as they grew so did the stars.
With time five off the nine began to question the strength of EN. EN had already for seen this and so created a being of immaculatun strength and called him The Black Sun. He then created the five Great Moons to sever the BlacacSun keep the stars in order.
Millenniums pass and with their strength constantly increasing. The five then convince remaining four and with their new power over power Black Sun. Unable to kill Black Sun they slip his body in six and spread them into separate worlds.
Enraged by this act EN place the Nine into a deep sleep sense he could bring himself to kill them.
The Five Great Moons then took this opportunity too recover black sun.
With one piece left to go the five great Moons were over power by the remaining forty five Moons. In order to finish the mission before there defeated they descended into the last verse each spreading their essence into the world, essence which containing their memories and abilities in order to be reborn.
King was the first but his body had belong to a divine being one of the nine's moons. King now has to find his brother's and retake the final piece to bring back black sun.
Years passed by as he waited for his brothers to find a host and reawaken. In that time king found the missing piece which the people of this verse call the Ark.
They use it to grant blessings to Knights worthy of it. Of those too be blessed king had from friendships with.
This story is of those Knights fleeing from king as he tries to retake the ark.


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