The Shattering

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Author: Cat++17
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 6
Language: English
Year started: 2021


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The end of the world came suddenly with the sound of shattering glass. All of a sudden a hole was opened up into a place between worlds. From this hole essence pours into the world, giving humans the ability to gain levels and become stronger. Essence is not the only thing that pours form the void, monsters begin appearing all over the world, creatures mutate, within minuets more than half the population of earth is dead.

The story follows Lillian a young game developer working overtime, Lillian gets lucky and is far enough away from any monsters that she gets a few moments to collect herself and a lucky gift but the situation still doesn't look good.

So the goal of this story isn't to do anything super original. If you are tired of the tags that this story has then you may want to skip this one. I have a few ideas but I mostly just like writing and wanted to share this with people. I feel confident that I can avoid wrighting something that is too cringy. I have enough wrighting experience that my gramer will be passable for most people.
I'm a college student who has the summer off, I have time now but in a few months that time is going to disappear. I'm going to try and temper my expectations and while I don't want to just wright a short story but it's not going to be 7000 chapters long. The goal is to wright something that is complete by the end of the summer.


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