Dragons Dilemma

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Dragons Dilemma
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Status: Ongoing
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Year started: 2021


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On the continent of Astresia, humanity exists as a series of fractured nations living atop the ruins of their long-forgotten past. Unaware of how far they have truly fallen or the legacy that their ancestors have left behind, the human kingdoms exist in a constant state of perpetual struggle as they try valiantly to push back the constant encroachment of monstrous creatures that terrorise their borders and give their children just cause to fear what goes bump in the night.
This is the story of one such monster, a dragon born so very different from the rest who is forced by the circumstances of their birth to seek refuge hidden amongst the cowed remnants of humanity. There they learn what it is to be not just a dragon but a woman as well, and when an ancient evil stirs anew, they must decide whether or not to try and save a species that ultimately wants them dead.

Book 1 - A Sovereign's Scorn (153.5k words, avg 3.8k per chapter) - Release Schedule:

First 10 chapters over the first 2 weeks of June (Weekdays),
The remaining 30 chapters will be dropped over the next 15 weeks (Tuesday and Fridays).

Book 2 - Tentatively titled ‘A Warrior’s Ire’ - Release Schedule TBD

Read up to 10 Chapters ahead on Patreon, or ask me questions on discord.

This story contains the following: British English, Profanity, Cliffhangers, LGBT+ Characters & Themes, Explicit Sexual Content, Sexual Threat, Gore, and Overarching Plot.
So no one is surprised, this story features a strong romance storyline between a shapeshifting genderqueer dragon and a human woman. If that's not your thing, feel free to stop reading here.


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