Return of the Woodcutter

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Return of the Woodcutter
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Author: YoanRoturier
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 77
Language: English
Year started: 2021


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 23477
Rank by popularity: 1145
Release frequency: 4.67 days
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Aito Walker lived the life of a trash. He fell into alcoholism and betrayed those dear to him. After his death, he was sent to a grey space with other humans. There, he is teleported to a forsaken island where the loneliness gnawed at his sanity. From this point on, his life will change forever. He will be forced to defend a foreign world from an enemy so powerful that even the gods that summoned him dread it. With the hope of victory getting thinner with each passing day, defeat is nigh.
However, he is unwilling to accept such a destiny.
After being given a shot at redemption, he will stop at nothing to reach his goal. In his wake, cities will fall, guilds burn and his enemies cower in fear at the mere mention of his name.
Driving him? A single desire.
"I will find redemption, no matter the cost."
Or not, hun, who knows? The book isn't done yet. Hahaha.

  • This book is being uploaded on Webnovel, and there are currently 9 chapters to this day. I'm posting on this site because I wanna know what Royal Road's audience think of it. And cough to promote the book cough
  • If the book is to your liking, do not hesitate to subscribe. (If you're a webnovel reader, please do give me a bit of your love. Add it to your library AND power stones.)
  • The first three chapters are fast-paced as to quickly get into the nitty-gritty but slow down afterward to give the story the time it needs to progress accordingly. - The book can, nevermind, it will contain "strong" language.
  • Comedy, as you know it (and if you don't, now you know) is subjective. So you might not like the jokes.
  • If you truly read that until the end you have my virtual congratulations 'cause I sure as hell wouldn't have done that.
    Additional content (Yeah, 'cause there is more!)
    I do not own the cover. If the original owner sees it and is displeased with his work being displayed here, do send me a message. I will immediately remove it as soon as I see it. (Though let's be honest, the possibility of that happening is downright impossible.)
    By the way, if any of you are willing the provide me with an original cover picture, I'll be really, extremely, immensely thankful. (The possibility of that happening is also downright impossible.)


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