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Author: LAG Smith
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 2
Language: English
Year started: 2021


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Hey all!
Welcome, welcome. I'm LAG Smith, crafter of tales.
STE is a long-term project which will host a great variety of worlds, chars, scenes and themes. Basically, it's the 'go wild and write' switch that I'm triggering in my brain here, so expect variety but not continuity. Some tales, like the first one, will definitely have follow-ups as I flesh things out in my mind, while others will be standalone.
STE General Info

Each installment goes by name, continued tales will be numbered ex. 'Descent 2'>>I grew up writing in South African English, which is basically UK English, but I now mainly write in US English. There are exceptions for the sake of aesthetic vanity, such as aeons instead of eons, and personal comma practices. ZA slang will not be a main element, but some stories will definitely have a decent dollop of zefness and mzansi madness.>>As of now there is no set schedule, but the plan is to release at least four or more installments a week. >>Edits will be quality-control orientated, focusing on grammatical errors. If an installment of STE has undergone a major edit, I will note so in its comments as well as those of the latest installment to date.>> STE comes in preparation for one of the first of three novels I have in mind, each of a different genre, so definitely expect a start on one of them as STE progresses.>>Hosted on ScribbleHub and RoyalRoad

Have Fun!<<<<


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