Painting the Mists

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Author: redmirage
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 423
Language: English
Year started: 2018


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Du Cha Ming was a normal person. Normal people go with the flow; they don’t ever make any real decisions even if they think they do. As Cha Ming begins to question his place in the universe, a fateful encounter gives him another chance at life: a chance where he can make his own destiny.
I would like to thank my readers in advance for following Cha Ming on his epic journey. This is my first fictional work, and as such I am very excited to be able to pour in all my best ideas without reservation. This might be surprising to some of you, but I am an engineer by trade and have taken a total of one English class at the university level. Rest assured, you couldn’t pay me to take any more of them.
This story, by nature, will have a constantly evolving and changing style. There are no fixed chapter lengths and some chapters will be naturally long and others will be naturally shorter. This is because writing this novel is also my own second chance at life. It is a beginning, a beginning where I get to choose every single detail that I write with no strings attached. In a sense it is very liberating; the corporate engineering world is very rigid and stifles creativity.
Please join Cha Ming and his friends on his journey through an ancient land, a land filled with cultivators, demons, devils, and angels. He will surely fight his enemies and experience true love; as such he will also feel great hurt and heartache. Without further ado, let us begin his eventful journey in Painting the Mists.


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