Civilisation: A Shattered Realms Novel

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Author: Matex Ford
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 30
Language: English
Year started: 2021


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A synopsis of The Shattered Realms
In all the world’s of Wuxia, legendary Sacred Artists fight climatic battles for the survival of humanity, climbing the ranks of Fame. Ancient enemies are awoken and vengeance sworn all whilst Honour is preserved. All made possible by hidden tomes containing lost techniques, powerful herbs and medicines and of course a great and wise Master.
But where would a world of Wuxia start? Who was the first to forge the blade and form techniques for the taking of life? Who was it that first understood the ambient flows of Ki, deep in peaceful meditation and took to the vigours of cultivating it? Who created the first medicine, to cure a poison they recognised. What type of person brought forth the practise of Acupuncture.
The City of Civilisation is the last stronghold of mankind in a broken world. It’s very survival dependant on blood spilt in its defense and yet so too are its profits. It is a city on the edge of the world and a world at its end, but every end is a new beginning.
Once teeming with the most desperate of humanity, room is growing as desperation climbs. The city itself grown ancient on those who came before and reaching into the clouds.
Culus and Davi orphan brothers in loss and survival are ripped apart and face a world indifferent to their survival. A separate world for each and one that neither could ever anticipate.
One above and one below, both push boundaries coming to terms with their new realities. Their survival demands it. Should they ever push through and reach each other again, their new worlds would collide.
“Why settle for the mantle of tyrant when for more little more blood, I could be your god.” From the shadows
I had initially intended on 6 books for the first series, but am now torn if I should do 12. Making them shorter and testing the waters.
I do however have the shells for each book. Also, the ending scene of the first series is completed already. There can be no forgiveness for the abomination of Game of Thrones ending.
The first series will follow Culus and Davi throughout the Civilisation, above and below. Culus will wander alone in the dark under the city and Davi will be forced into the opulence of House Han. Each orphan entirely lacking in knowledge learns things from a different perspective.
Unfortunately, these lessons will come in the form of Monsters and spirit beasts. It is a world of cores and enhancement of oneself, but some enhancements can go wrong.
Through the first book, I hope to establish the troupes and the rules they play by. Ultimately the story will follow Davi and Culus, other characters will come into play when they bring significance to the paths each walk.



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