The City of the Abyss

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Author: MaximiliMage
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 17
Language: English
Year started: 2021


Rating: -
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The Abyss, a city of endless rain.
A place where secrets are kept and fought over, and those with them burned or designated heretics. Magic, Machine, Mages and madmen, this is a city of many possiblities and all sorts of people. Organizations are hidden beneath the earth, and the poor hidden in the underbelly of the city and its periphery. The rich rule the highest reaches, and live to enjoy their lives in the Meridian; a city within a city.
All this changes...when a fog rolls into the city, deep and dark, silent in its treading.
"Tear's of eternity, fate never cries. Breathe fire into the sky, swing your sword, let the arrow fly. I am the man immortal, the man who never dies.
I am the Magic Man, bending mana and reality to my preordained plans...who then wishes to serve me? Learn from me?
We are the gods of 3, spirit, mind, and body...within us, you shall come...within you, your death will bring horror to some. Tread well, for even the greatest of 3 can be felled..."
"The edicts of the gods are spoken vaguely amongst mortals, the real question is, anyone have a light?"


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