The Rebirth of a Emperor

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Author: dark1knight
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 16
Language: English
Year started: 2021


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 23377
Rank by popularity: 13002
Release frequency: 15 days
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An Emperor reaches the end of his days, exiled and living in misery in a faraway land together with his entire dynasty and some friends from his time of rule. He regrets never being able to return to his beloved country and wonders if he made the right choice by leaving his throne to avoid a massive conflict but tries to comfort himself knowing many lives were spared.
As he passess however, visions of a strange future appear as if to answer his doubt, making him shed tears of remorse, for his country's fate is not a good one after him, making his end truly a miserable one.

However unexpectedly, his eyes open again to a place never seen before to a people he had no recollection of, in the embrace of a woman he at first has no idea of who it was. This strange, absurd situation quickly makes him realise what just happened, he does not know how he came to grasp the situation, but something made him understand this: This isnt his world and there is no turning back, no way to see his homeland again nor his family. In this horrible realisation, he cried, much like the infant he was now, marking his rebirth to this new world, which he saw as a punishment from God for his actions.

Note from author: this story is the first i ever published, so please, to anyone who takes an interest in it, have a bit of patience with me and if you can, give me a bit of good old criticism. For now i will publish small chapters for i am not very confident in this, but as i write more and gain some experience i will release longer and better ones.
Also English isn't my mother language so any advice or correction is welcomed.


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