The Silver Will

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The Silver Will
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Status: Ongoing
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Year started: 2021


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A young man in ragged clothes struggles to comprehend some bizarre fenomenoms involving a bunch of kids wearing some strange clothes and talking about some stats or skills or something.
I appreciate constructive and destructive comments, and I apologize in advance if you find my english laking. I'm not a native speaker. Also, I will soon start uploading daily (soon means when I have enough of a chapter cushion to feel comfortable about it).
About the cover: I did the cover myself.
About the length: I'm not gonna put a limit to myself about the number of words. I don't write in chapters so, when i feel like i've written a lot, I just divide the text in pieces. This pieces usually depend on their context and momentum, and not necesarily on their length, so you may find chapters with 1k words, and chapters with 5k words. This may change in the future. Right now im very invested in the story, and I dont need deadlines, but I know how this things work, so maybe in the future I will set up more boundaries so I can cope better with the routine.
About the tags: I didn't put all the tags i think the story would fit in, because that would spoil it away, as some of them aren't really there at the beggining. About the warning tags, I don't really know. I plan like 20 chps ahead, and I have lots of ideas about the far future, so, more or less, i know where i'm going, but i myself can't be sure about what will happen in the long run, so I just put them to give myself some space. I plan on mixing in some romance too, and romance without sex feels a bit over-fictionalized fore me. Normally, when you have a relationship, you fuck. It doesn't make sense, to leave the fucking out of the ecuation.
Anyway, hope you enjoy my content, peace.
Mighty Chopsticks.


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