The Hand of Sigmar. A Warhammer Fiction.

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The Hand of Sigmar. A Warhammer Fiction.
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Adebar von Bolstedt was a normal young Aristocrat once. Third son of the middling von Bolstedt line of Altdorf, capital of the prestigious Empire at the heart of the Old World, but when a quarrel with his brother escalates he decides to leave his pampered home, and soon finds himself stranded in the countryside. When confronted about his presence he claims to be led by the God-King Sigmar, but with the name of the Protector of Mankind come his responsiblities. Soon Adebar finds himself tasked with ridding a town of a mad killer, and settling some lethal family quarrels.Word from the AuthorGreetings! The Hand of Sigmar plays out in the much beloved Warhammer Fantasy setting (owned, of course, by Games Workshop). Do not fret, however, as I've made it a point to make the story digestible even to the uninitiated, and maybe even be a good introduction to the setting. This work will be shorter overall, partly because its born out of a sudden passion, partly because I thought I'd try my hand at a more comfortable story than the grim darkness of the 41st Millenium (psychotic murderer and fraudulent holyman included). Depending on how this does and my time allows more adventures may be coming.While I cannot claim the places, concepts and gods etc. mentioned within as my own, the story and all characters flowed from my own fingers.


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