Tales of The Orphan Hero Lazerus

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Author: Skelator
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 4
Language: English
Year started: 2021


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Life is hard on planet Duer, however, very few can claim to have a life harder than that of Lazerus.
What!? You haven't heard? Here, grab a seat! Let me read to you his story . . .
Now . . . Planet Duer. Yes, here we are. . .
Monsters roam the lands, killing anything and everything in the pursuit of Spirie, a magical power source that dwells within the soul of anything living. Nations wage war against each other constantly, tearing the land apart with city-ending spells and million man offensive invasions. Food is scarce because of this war-torn land, making crime rampant in almost every gathering of people.
With so much war, bloodshed, murder, crime, and chaos, this thousand-year period was given the fitting title of the single darkest point in history. However, you may ask yourself, if such an era can be called dark, then surely there must be light from which to see this dark time in history?
And you would be right!
This light that brought an end to that period of war and chaos was the Era of Lazerus, named after the one who single-handedly brought the world out from the dark, however, he was not born as a hero. Lazerus´s climb to the top was not an easy one. He was not born strong, or even brave for that matter. He had to earn everything, from the ground up.
Hmm? How do I know this? Well, The reason we know this, even long after his death, is because of his journal. Yes! He left behind a journal, which displays his inner thoughts and mind.
Curious, eh? Here, since you haven't heard it, let me read it to you. Sit down, grab a snack because . . . well, this might take a while.


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