T.I.A.R: Writer's Bizarre Adventures.

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T.I.A.R: Writer's Bizarre Adventures.
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Author: Alucard-616
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 4
Language: English
Year started: 2021


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 23279
Rank by popularity: 20311
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Narrator: –Hello, there.– He says to you, reader.
Narrator: –Don't worry. This whole 4th wall-breaking thingy, won't be the main theme of this novel.– He says smugly. –And like your first time, it's gonna be real quick.– He says holding his laughter.
Narrator: –Anyways, If you are looking for a novel full of; Bad parodies, jokes that don't land quite right, and gore scenes that might make you question the author's sanity.–
Narrator: –Oh! Without forgetting, all the furries, femboys, milfs, and muscular hot dudes that might make you question your sexuality. And all of it watered with cringe, and when I say cringe, I mean a lot of it.–
Narrator: –If you are looking for that. Oh, boys and girls! Do I have a…– He says as he's interrupted.
H.R guy: –And nonbinary people. Don't forget them.–
Narrator: –You can't even let me finish a [email protected]%#ing sentence. Can you?– He says to H.R guy, with anger in his eyes.
H.R guy: –I am just saying, you know?
Author: – hey, everyone. What's going on?– He says enthusiastically and optimistically.
Narrator: –What the f#@% is going on right now?!– He says confused by the situation.
Narrator: –You know what? I am not paid for this s@%#. I am out.–
Editor: –And the synopsis. Who's gonna record it?– He questioned Narrator.
Narrator: –I don't give a f%#@. It's not like this [email protected]%# novel gonna sell, anyway.– He says slamming the door as he exits the room.
Editor: –Hi. Editor here.–
Editor: –ahhh… I'm just here to say that: On the part that Narrator said "I am not paid for this [email protected]%#." He didn't mean to say that to the nonbinary part. He was talking about H.R guy and Author. He really hates them.–
Editor: –F%@#. Doing disclaims is Narrator's job. Not mine. Is this s%#@ still recording…– He says while turning off the mic.


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