The Butcher of Gadobhra

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The Butcher of Gadobhra
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Status: Ongoing
Releases: 76
Language: English
Year started: 2021


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 23249
Rank by popularity: 20279
Release frequency: 2.11 days
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"The old game is dead, long live the new game! Leave behind the dreariness of reality. Forget about that drab VR amusement park you've grown bored with. Start fresh in a vast world that needs Heroes to explore and tame it!
And not all heroes swing swords!
For those of you from the ...ahem...."lower social orders", we have a great opportunity in the exciting position of "Contract Worker". Enter this great new era unencumbered by Game and Pod fees, and lose the pressures of trying to level up your character. Earn your way to your future through good old fashioned hard work. Get a steady paycheck while you enjoy all this new world has to offer. You may never want to log out."When they find out that their old jobs working online in the leading VR game are about to end, a group of VR workers jump ship to the new game system taking the world by storm. But things are a lot harder than they expected. The game AI has some odd ideas about making things more difficult for everyone. And the corporation signing their checks is cheating them from the start, making sure they start at the bottom...and stay there. The deck seems stacked against them, but the world has more than a few jokers to play. There are quite a few surprises for everyone, including the players, the guilds, and the corporations trying gain control. And in the midst of the chaos, maybe everyone gets a chance to grab the brass ring.
If you have to swing a mop and not a sword, you'll just have to swing harder, and cheat better.



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