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Dungeon Core Chat Room.
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Year started: 2021


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Each race was given a system by the gods to make up for their shortcomings and balance their place in this world.
Humans. Abysmally bad at understanding and using magic unable to use more than the lowest of magic were given the "Skill System" magic in the form of premade skills with use, study, and mastery tied to experience.
Elves intuitively understand magic and have long lives leading to vast knowledge and skill in their chosen fields. However, as a species, they have nearly zero sex drive and less than low fertility so they were gifted the "World Tree System" with experience gained through the care of natural areas gifting the chance of children to increase their numbers without.
All-natural monsters are given an "Evolution system" designed around killing and consuming as many creatures as possible, slowly increasing strength and at thresholds allowing mutations to alter them multiple times.
Dungeon cores are different. Unlike humans, they can see, manipulate and live off mana. Unlike Elves, they naturally crystallize after extended periods of time in high mana level areas. However, they cannot easily move or communicate and typically go insane without companionship. As a species other than the odd eccentric they are unimaginative. Brute forcing solutions without the drive to truly innovate. Thus they have been gifted with the "Dungeon Connection System" a magical version of the internet accessible by their peers that allows them to barter and sell bait, traps, monsters, and knowledge as well as entertain each other with adventure streams using exciting recorded battles and humorous reels of arrogant chumps biting off more than they can chew to fatal effects.
This is the casual story of a dungeon unluckily spawned far from potential adventurers forced to innovate beyond its peers to find its place in this world.

Last Minute Author's Note:
I've been on a dungeon core kick for months and while I love the genre- it's sparse with entries.
Often the forced conflict gets repetitive and frantic solving of threats power levels the protagonist to god levels to progress the plot- taking away the nice steady progression fantasy I'm looking for. Additionally, the focus on 3rd parties with their drama takes away from the reason I’m reading dungeon core novels in the first place- I'm looking for magical crafting experimentation and kingdom building not defense from higher and higher leveled enemies looking to steal/destroy/control the MC.
This novel is kind of just me writing the story I wish I could read. I like thinking about the experimentation that can be done in fantasy settings using mana as an excuse to make up rules and try to keep them internally consistent.
There will be problems to solve and a clear progression in strength however due to not wanting to force conflict for the sake of conflict the general theme will be closer to slice of life so please keep that in mind when picking this up as the genre is not for everyone.
Finally, I have a clear goal of what I want from this story but I want to commit to finishing it or at least bringing it to a point of rest. I hate all the engaging stories that stop with a “hiatus” indefinitely so in the event I lose motivation I'll work to end this even if the ending becomes rushed/unsatisfying just to give a sense of closure.
I’m planning on including several polls in terms of direction and taking feedback heavily into account if I get enough readers (but may choose to ignore it if it deviates too far from the direction I want to take this as in feedback like- The MC needs a cartoonishly evil arch-enemy that wants to enslave him and force the mc to pump out magic items or the MC needs to make a body and learn teleportation then live with humans will get shot down without consideration.)



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