The Sea of Stars

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Author: ArlenBrandt
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 2
Language: English
Year started: 2021


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The year is 4153.
Humanity has long ago colonized the stars, founding new homes away from Earth and had brought untold prosperity and technological advancements to its people. And yet, all golden ages must end, and just as Humanity long ago conquered the stars, so too did their apex of civilization begin its slow inevitable decline.
Seeing the writing on the wall and hoping to bring all that was lost back into the fold, the Federated Space Colonies launched what they had hoped was the last Intergalactic War. However, a pyrrhic victory by the combined Galactic Terran Organization and the United and Imperial Colonies dashed any last hopes the FSC had for a United Human Galaxy.
An uneasy stalemate now exists between both sides. A recent coup in FSC territory has overseen the replacement of the current political elite in favour of a corporate plutocracy. Both the Imperial and United Colonies are keeping an eye on the situation, waiting to see how things play out while the GTO is actively gauging what the new intentions of the FSC might be.
Meanwhile, the Dundonald, a GTO corporate-registered Warship is currently on a mission involving the application of a new company product aimed for Military markets; a full ship-scaled Octo-Camo Cloaking system. Little did they know they would discover something that would shatter the fragile peace...


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