Kingdom of Tyr

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Author: KurtMKing
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 24
Language: English
Year started: 2018


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Rank by rating: 2285
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Colt, twelve, is walking home from school when he's approached by another boy dressed oddly, who asks him - theoretically - about living in another world. After asking some information about the theoretical other world, Colt says he'd probably prefer to live there, to get away from the problems he has on Earth.
Once Colt confirms that, he finds himself in an abandoned city, the other boy revealing himself to be a god, who then offers to train Colt until he can stand on his own and live by himself.
After a couple of months, the god sends Colt off for greater training, to learn to use both Aura and Mana, with his only instructions being to return every now and then to visit, and to make friends and have lots of fun.
This story follows Colt, a boy named Tyler he meets in the new city, and their journey to growing stronger, having fun, and striving to beat each other.

Note: this story is not intended to be professional-quality, and it does draw inspiration from many sources. That said, it is its own story, in its own world. I'm only writing it to write a more normal character for awhile, and the main story doesn't begin until after the events in Loritar. It is not being edited. It will eventually go on hiatus, possibly after the first arc after Loritar, so that I can resume FA. It will also have multiple PoV's, starting somewhere after Chapter 8.

Note: this story is posted to my Patreon first, and has no consistent schedule. It might be updated every day, or it might not be.


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