Ancient Greek Isekai, What did you expect?

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Author: T3trabyte
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 3
Language: English
Year started: 2021


Rating: -
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Hello. This story is written by a person who finds Ancient Greece very interesting but also has almost no extra knowledge in it's mythology whatsoever. I know almost nothing of other city states, or the way in life in ancient greek cities, so be prepared for countless mistakes. The only city states I know of are Athens with it's oligarchy, Sparta with it's brutishly strong military, and Thebes...well I don't know much about Thebes.
The story is mostly inspired by the art and story styles made from Overly Sarcastic Productions, so it would be best to imagine the characters of this story as if drawn by OSP. There will be Greek Gods in the story with their many personalities (mostly as side characters), while the main character (spoken in first person) will have gone through an isekai moment and have had his soul merged with another soul that allows him the memories and conscience of his own life as well as the memories and experience of a modern day chemist and engineer.
This poor soul who got into this predicament is Calindus, who is also accompanied by his male buddy, Deon. They are both fisherman off in a village close to Athens. Alright that's enough of a summary, time for more reading, less spoiling.


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