I'm Stuck in a Bad Romance Novel and I Don't Know How to Get Out

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Author: SunNova365
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 2
Language: English
Year started: 2021


Rating: -
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Everything changed during winter break, at least it did for Peter. Peter Carlson was born and raised in an average household with 3 older brothers and a good number of his friends, who all loved to tease Peter about the fact that he is still a single and a virgin when the rest of them have already lost their virginity in the very first year. So after his last year of highschool of not finding any love, Peter was starting to get desperate and he really wanted to prove them all wrong, so he moved out on his own to go dorm in a far away college to improve his chances of getting a girlfriend where no body knew him.
You see, Peter have tried plenty of times before, throughout all 4 years of highschool, Peter have attended parties, use dating apps, read romance novels, and even tried confessing to his crush all for the chance to get a girlfriend and yet, he had failed every single time. He was rejected at every corner and any hangouts or romantic plans that Peter had with any girls at all were usually canceled at the last minute by the same girl and were never heard from again. Peter had tried to seek love, but he was just never given the chance to recieve it.
However, after the awkward first month of dorming at college, things were starting to look good for Peter. He had 3 other dorm mates who were pretty nice roommates themselves, but that wasn't very important for Peter. What was important for Peter, was the fact that he and one other girl in his class was starting to get super close to each other. And so after three months of college comes winter break and the couple decided to make it official by going out to go skiing all by themselves and then renting a nice hotel afterwards to get some sleep. But like all of the times before, Peter's plans would never come to fruition, because Fate had a weird sence of humor.


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