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Ocean Arcana
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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2021


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The crew of the Dawning Horizon are making a journey across the Pacific to receive cargo in China when they encounter a strange event in the middle of the pacific.With all communications lost and their GPS receivers not working, they must try to survive for as long as possible to discover the new world they have found themselves in.

This is the author’s first story, it combines GATE: And So The JSDF Fought There and Jormungand, as well as myriad other stories that have had lesser influence.
Expect a story that's a little tongue-in-cheek, with people from a contemporary setting in a non-contemporary world. The story starts following a small group, but as the story progresses I intend for more characters to be introduced. The story will probably only be told from the PoV of the contemporary humans, not the natives.

As a fair warning: This story follows sailors. Sailors who swear a lot. If that's not your jam, this probably isn't for you.
I have the "Traumatising Content" and "Gore" tags. While I don't intend to write anything positively gory (at least at this stage), or anything super messed up, I want the options in the future to be able to have it. They wouldn't be constant themes though, they would be for shock value.
I haven't added the Sexual Content tag. Not because I wouldn't add that type of content, just because i'm really bad at writing that sort of content.


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