The day I became World Administrator

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The day I became World Administrator
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Author: joprocorp
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 70
Language: English
Year started: 2021


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Rank by rating: 23062
Rank by popularity: 3090
Release frequency: 22 days
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Isaac is a 21-year-old computer science student whose life was completely turned upside down when a strange window appeared in front of him in the middle of a class: [Admin] Haaaa. Well ... Sorry to be so sudden, but I can't wait any longer. Have fun :) [System] The System Administrator has granted you Administrator Rights. [System] Transfer of Administrator rights in progress ... [System] Transfer completed [Isaac]? [System] End of simulation ... [Isaac] ???????? Follow the story of Isaac, a somewhat lazy mage with powers limited only by his imagination in his quest for a quiet and friendly place, alone and at peace.Have you ever imagined magic from an IT perspective? Come and discover it with us!
--------------Author's message:This is my first book that I am trying to write in a serious way. It is therefore possible that mistakes may occur. Do not hesitate to comment on your opinions and let me know if something is wrong (as long as the comment is constructed and justified).
Publication rate: Every day at 6 p.m. (Paris time)
Be aware that English is not my original language. The original work in French is available on Wattpad (link below) and will probably be published on Webnovel soon.
With that, I hope you enjoy reading it.

--------------Cover photo from the character "Aranzeb" ( from the game Archeage ( any dispute request (or request to remove the image), contact me.


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