Pokemon Master In An Anime World

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Pokemon Master In An Anime World
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Author: Alferian
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 7
Language: English
Year started: 2021


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 23059
Rank by popularity: 20127
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Pokemon X Classroom Of The Elite X Some Other Anime__Hikaru Akiyama, a normal 16-year old boy has been enrolled into the Advance Nurturing Highschool, which he absolutely isn't happy with.Bunking the entrance examination wasn't a good decision on his part too and trying to kill the interviewer certainly wasn't.The protagonist although may seem like a genius, will have many flaws. He too at the end of the day is a human and we humans will always make mistakes, though he will learn from them and correct himself. His strength won't be supernatural and will be within a human's limits.I am trying to make this Fiction as wholesome as possible so that the people who read this, including me, can have a sense of happiness and can just relax while reading it.Although plots and schemes can't be just discarded due to the nature of the fic, I'll try my best to create something which will let you relax and get away from all the accumulated stress.Although it's a Harem Fic, there will be romance. I have learned from my previous fic and I won't be committing the same mistake again.So, yup, I'll try to create something which will be akin to a roller coaster of emotions, hope you like it!The updates will be regular/daily [1/day]I'll be releasing 3-4 chapters/day before I hit Ch 15 after which one could expect some Mass Releases.__Discord: N/A (Not allowed to be posted in the synopsis.)I'll upload the pics there.__The anime worlds introduced so far.-Pokemon-Classroom Of The Elite__Leave a review if you like it, it helps me grow.If you don't give me your power stone, I'll kidnap your favourite pokemon.__Pokemon, Classroom Of The Elite and the anime introduced in this fic do not belong to me and under no circumstance do I claim any ownership over it.The Artwork isn't owned by me, the artist may contact me if he/she wants it to be removed. (Good Job btw.)


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