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Author: Royetta Core
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 28
Language: English
Year started: 2018


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Per Aspera Ad Astra; through hardship to the stars - my father would always use to say.
A long time ago, I had ‘died’. Those words are not spoken lightly. Through a certain tragic ‘incident’, my physical body had been destroyed beyond recognition. I had experienced what many would consider ‘death’. However, through my father’s work- through Human ingenuity and technology- I was given life anew.
A second chance.
My dearly beloved father had given to me my life a second time. If it was for him, nothing was off the table; I would do everything in my power to repay this unsurmountable debt. For my father, the ‘Prime Minister’, what was it that I could do? Fortunately, the answer was closer to me than I thought.
It was very simple: ‘Per Aspera Ad Astra’.
I would preserve it: my beloved father’s ‘Legacy’. ‘Humanity’, our science and technology, our hopes and dreams, and our future… All of it, I will secure with my own hands and etch them into the very stars themselves.
… Or so I had thought.
A complication. Perhaps you’ve heard of the concept before: ‘Transported to a different world’. It’s a common tale, only, this wasn’t that simple. It wasn’t just myself that was thrust into the jaws of another reality. It was everyone, all the people I knew, my friends, my enemies, the entire population of Earth had been ‘shifted’ into a new 'fantastic' reality. Everyone assumed new roles. Some of them had even become a different ‘species’ altogether. There were also people that never existed to begin with that now roam this world.
It wasn’t me who had traversed into an alternate reality. It was the world itself that had changed into a different reality. Everyone was the same… only, no one was quite the same.
Elves and Dwarves to Dragons and Gods.
This was no longer ‘Earth’, however, that couldn’t possible stop me. The very reason for my existence had not changed: ‘Per Aspera Ad Astra’. I would still carve out the legacy of my dear father into this world and then into the stars.
Swords and Bows? Magic and Alchemy?
The more I look at these primitive savages, the more my headache grows. It cannot be helped. I shall bring them… ‘enlightenment’.


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