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Author: Darmok
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 46
Language: English
Year started: 2021


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 22982
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Satara grew up in a raggedy tent by a dwindling desert oasis, a member of a race of long-lived humanoids called the Istriti. For the Istriti, their land is part of who they are, and for an Istriti to leave is unthinkable. Satara left, and now she calls the bustling and very human city of Tanivantis home, a place full of tramcars, telegraph lines and towering skyscrapers. She has a successful shop, her adoptive sister Yani is finally coming out of her shell, and she’s even on good terms with her ex-husband. The modern world is suiting her well.
But when Yani falls into a coma after being cursed by a tainted amulet, Satara is desperate to find a cure, anything that will revive her.
Her ex-husband offers a solution; dragon’s blood is reputed to have anti-magical properties and a dose of it should break the curse. Only trouble is that means finding a dragon, and they’re not exactly a common sight in downtown Tanivantis. She must journey far to the south to a bleak wasteland where such beasts are rumoured to dwell, to the desert she thought she had left behind forever. As she sets out, she encounters Caidoc, a man on a mission of his own who seems convinced that something in Satara's past is the key to ensuring his own success, though it will take some convincing on his part to get Satara to open up, as the past not something she wishes to revisit...

'Satara' is set in a secondary world that occupies the same place in the solar system as we do, with the same moon, stars, and planets visible (with different names though, of course). I hope it's an enjoyable story. Thanks for reading.


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