I Will Channel the Power of Spirits and Become an S-Class Wizard!

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Author: strabiz
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 7
Language: English
Year started: 2021


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 22958
Rank by popularity: 20041
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Follow James as he learns to harness the power of spirits from another dimension to destroy his foes! Will he eventually become an S-Class Wizard?
The inciting incident: A year after running away from home to escape his mother, James receives a message from her personal escort. She is dying and would like to give him his inheritance. Confused, he sets off with the escort and his childhood friend to uncover the mystery behind his mother and the world around them.
The setting: Altradin, a world where magicians and warriors alike use the power of spirits to do combat. Magicians summon them, warriors simply borrow certain abilities. There are kingdoms constantly fighting amongst each other and rogue spirits who cause trouble in the land. Forests, deserts, tundra - Altradin is a place with a lot of different environments. James resides in the kingdom of Fyalstern, a small collection of cities and villages with an army not equipped for war.
From the author:
Thanks so much for being willing to read my story. I plan on this to be a longform series. This story is my passion and has been for a long time, I'm excited to finally get it out there for people to check it out.


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